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Get your hands on The McGuigan Classic range, made up of 7 bottles of wine.

To celebrate the relaunch of the McGuigan Classic range, we are giving 4 goodtoknow users the chance to win 7 bottles of wine.

McGuigan Wine, the world-famous Australian wine brand and newly-crowned International Wine Maker of the Year, relaunches its McGuigan Classic range in the UK this month, with new labels designed to make shopping the wine aisle less intimidating.

Following extensive research, which included blind tasting over 1,000 volunteers across 5 UK cities, the wine producer found that Brits do know their stuff when it comes to wine. 77% of volunteers surveyed were able to identify the key fruit notes and characteristics in a glass of wine, when asked to taste it blind. Whilst nearly a 28%, could, when prompted, identify the specific wine type that they had just tasted.
End date: 2012-01-30
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