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When you give your game the acronym “FEAR” as a title, you better be sure it’s actually scary. Fortunately the FEAR series to date has been terrifying enough to turn even battle-hardened gamers into quivering gelatinous blobs, and the third in the series looks set to continue this proud tradition.

Picking up the action nine months after the explosive finale of FEAR 2, in this latest instalment Point Man discovers his psychic, psychopathic mother Alma Wade is alive. And worse Alma is about to birth something that could destroy the world. As if things couldn’t get any stranger Point Man’s brother Paxton Fettel returns from the grave and refuses to leave his brother’s side. But with Fettel’s motivations less than clear where will Point Man’s allegiance lie?

FEAR 3 is available on PS3, Xbox and PC from 24 June and you can win one of five copies, as well as an Xbox to play it on, by answering this simple question.

Closing date: 31/05/2011
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