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Competition Hunter is a free UK competitions sharing community.. Our members can enter thousands of free online competitions and share the competitions they find with other users We also have a reward scheme where you can earn karma points for interacting with the site and you can trade those points in for shopping vouchers! To get the most out of the Competition Hunter, we recommend that you Register Start winning now!

Join our competition sharing community and you will get all this:
  • Access 100s of on-line competitions so you can win prizes
  • Earn Karma points that can be traded for shopping vouchers
  • Vote on competitions and track competitions entered
  • Access to MEMBER-ONLY competitions
  • Monthly prizes for our Top Competition Hunters
  • Share and discuss competitions and comping strategies with like-minded compers
  • Share winning stories and get inspiration from winners


At CompetitionHunter.com you can earn Karma points for undertaking various actions on the site:
  • Submit competitions (earns you lots of points!) – 75 points
  • Vote on competitions – 1 point
  • Comment on competitions – 3 points
  • Logging in daily – 10 points
  • Vote on comments – 1 point
You can then go to our Karma Reward Store where you can cash in your Karma points for real-life rewards. Currently you can exchange your Karma points for Amazon, iTunes and ASOS.


  1. Voting tells us what you think of a competition & allows the community to moderate the content:
    Upvote if the content is relevant and accurate (competitions that receive 10 Upvotes within 24 hours, will be included in the “Most Popular” competition section).
    Downvote if you think the competition is SPAM as unpopular competitions will be removed from the system.
  2. Voting earns you Karma points.
  3. Track the competitions you have entered using the voting system. If you “Vote as you Enter”, you will notice that the background of the icon is highlighted to denote the fact that you’ve voted. This can also be used to track the competitions you’ve already entered.

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This is the only competitions site where you get rewarded when you find and share online competitions. Earn enough Karma points and you will receive high street gift cards for your efforts. You earn points for logging in, submitting, voting and commenting on competitions. For example, if you submit 267 competitions, you'll get enough points to receive a £10 voucher!

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